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Swag Bag: Bookish (ships by 9/5)

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 I've been having this conversation with people for a while now. "I want to do something different," I would say. The result are the limited edition Swag Bags. These items are pulled from the vault of pop culture nonsense in my brain, things gathered traveling, and the desire to make something I'd give a friend knowing it would make them smile. Swag Bags are 100% me and I truly hope you'll love them too.

The Bookish Swag Bag contains:
Ten 3x4 double sided cards
Two 3x4 gold foil pressed cotton cards
Two 3x4 transparency cards
Three lick 'n stick stamps
Two 1" badge pins
Two Shop Around the Corner stickers
Two big books stickers
Two stacks stickers
Two Book-It stickers